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Using Netlas for automation

The Netlas platform provides a Full-REST API. This means that you can use Netlas via the API from any third-party application, integrate it to your own app, and create automations.

If you are going to use the API, please read this section of the documentation carefully. Then you will be able to choose the right approach to using the API. And what is more important, you'll understand the technical limitations of some methods and learn how to handle errors.


Netlas is already integrated into many popular utilities and applications used by information security professionals. Please refer to the Netlas website for a list of integrations.

These resources will be useful for development in addition to this documentation:

  • Netlas API specification is available as an OpenAPI document and published using Swagger UI. Please ensure that you include the X-API-Key header with your API key when requesting any API endpoint.
  • Netlas Cookbook contains a lot of automation examples, both using the command line and the Python SDK. We recommend that you refer to it before starting development. Perhaps you will find a ready-made recipe there.
  • Netlas Scripts repo contains automations, which are discussed in detail in our blog.

Developer license

The Netlas team welcomes the independent development of Netlas-based tools.

If you are a developer of any security related software and want to integrate Netlas into it, please apply for a free Developer license. With the Developer license, you have virtually unlimited access to Netlas API and our support.

You can also apply if you want to develop an integration for a third-party solution, but only if you plan to publish this integration for everyone.

Please, make sure you provide a link to the product page or Github repository in the "Your question" field.