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Netlas v.0.24.0

Published on 2024-05-24

This update marks the beginning of our partnership with RST Cloud, bringing advanced threat intelligence data directly within the Netlas IP/Domain Info Tool. This integration empowers Netlas users with deeper insights into the risk and reputation of IP addresses and domains.


  • The Netlas IP/Domain Info Tool now displays threat intelligence data.


  • Important: The API endpoint /api/datastore/get_dataset_link/{product_id} has been updated. The JSON structure returned by this endpoint has been changed to make it more convenient and easier to use.
  • The pricing table has been slightly restructured for better readability, making it easier to understand our pricing options.
  • Various minor UI improvements and adjustments.


  • A bug related to the searching by favicon feature has been fixed.

Netlas Python SDK v.0.5

Published on 2024-05-17

Due to compatibility issues with the orjson package across different platforms, we have replaced it with the standard Python json package. This change ensures a smoother installation of the Netlas Python SDK on any platform.


  • New CLI command option --all: Use netlas download --all <query> to request a count and download all available results for a specific query.
  • Added the corresponding Netlas.download_all(query) method in the Python SDK.


  • Replaced the orjson package with the standard json package to enhance cross-platform compatibility.
  • Enhanced the download command by adding a progress bar when used with the -o or --output_file options.

Netlas v.0.23.4

Published on 2024-05-06


  • Facet analysis mode has been added to the IP WHOIS and Domain WHOIS search tools.


  • The full-screen map view in the Responses search tool now includes an editable header and QR code.
  • The Share button is now available in facet analysis mode.
  • Important: Web-app URLs for the IP WHOIS and Domain WHOIS search tools have been changed from /whois/ip/ to /whois_ip/, and from /whois/domains/ to /whois_domains/.
  • Various minor UI improvements.


  • The OpenStreetMap copyright notice has been restored to the host view.
  • An error when grouping by IP ranges in facet analysis mode.

Netlas v.0.23.3

Published on 2024-04-18

This minor update follows our recent penetration testing, which identified several vulnerabilities in our subscription system. While these issues were not critical, they were significant enough to require immediate attention.


  • Option to request community support via our Discord server.


  • Enhanced the structure and informativeness of page titles.
  • User interface improvements for Favorites and the mobile menu.


  • A bug in the password reset form.
  • An issue with duplicating tags.


  • Resolved one major and two minor vulnerabilities in the subscription system discovered during the penetration test.

Netlas v.0.23.1

Published on 2024-04-08


  • New API endpoints for performing facet analysis (grouping search results) have been published: responses_facet, and domains_facet.
  • Important: The stat endpoint, which was previously used for grouping, has been deprecated and will soon be removed. If you used it in API queries, replace the corresponding calls with one of the new facet analysis methods.
  • Third-party sign-in feature now warns if you previously registered using a password and vice versa.
  • API schema documentation (Swagger UI) has been significantly improved. Added descriptions of methods and possible error codes.
  • Detailed instructions for using Netlas search tools have been published on the documentation portal.
  • The maximum number of requests per day for unregistered users has been reduced from 30 to 10.
  • Some minor improvements and optimizations.


  • An annoying bug in autocomplete that occasionally deleted part of the search query entered by the user.
  • Search field in the tags window is now works correctly.

Major Update of Attack Surface Discovery Tool (v.0.23.0)

Published on 2024-03-21

Groups are now supported. With this new feature, building large surfaces up to 1,000,000 nodes is now easy. Usability has been greatly improved with group search and other minor features.

Added to Discovery tool:

  • Groups, group operations and group searches support.
  • The Searches and Nodes panel replaced with the History panel.
  • Actions are logged in details to the history panel.
  • The color scheme improved for surface elements.
  • Excluded nodes can be hidden.
  • Feature availability depends on the pricing plan.


  • The pricing table extended with the Discovery options, some options are reordered.
  • Top menu redesigned.


  • Minor bugs.

Attack Surface Discovery Tool (v.0.22.0)

Published on 2023-07-14

In this big update a new tool was added - Attack Surface Discovery tool. Now you can conveniently build your surfaces using Netlas data and visualize them as graphs. At the moment, the tool works with restrictions that will be removed later. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback!


  • Attack Surface Discovery tool.


  • Switching between summary and mapping in sidebar.
  • When the limit is exceeded, Netlas API returns error 429 (previously 420).


  • Checking the availability of payment services.
  • WHOIS options in autcomplete.

Netlas v.0.21.0

Published on 2023-03-15

This new release brings a long awaited feature – Bookmarks. Now you can save your favorite search queries by clicking on the star icon in the search string.

Search by favicon feature is significantly improved. Now can search not only exact matches, but also nearest matches. We use perceptual hash for this. Perceptual hash algorithms are opposite to standard cryptographic hashes — they are optimized to change as little as possible for similar inputs. So you can find answers with favicons that look pretty close to a given input, but use a different color, for example.


  • Favorites – saved search queries.
  • JARM fingerprinting for HTTPs protocols.


  • Index IDs are now in order.
  • Domain whois collection have some improvements.


  • Some minor improvements.

Netlas Beta (v.0.18.0)

Published on 2022-10-10

With this build, goes to the Beta testing phase.

We added new search tools - host summary and domain whois search, new protocols, privacy detection features and much more. But the general novation is a subscription system.

Check out our pricing.#nbsp;We'll kick off with an 80% discount sale!#nbsp;Discounts will decrease every few months as the service improves.


  • Subscription system and pricing.
  • Domain whois search tool.
  • Host view (IP and domain summary).
  • Privacy detection on the host view - VPN/Tor/Proxy.
  • Organization to which an IP is delegated on the host view.
  • DNS protocol (both TCP and UDP) protocol support.
  • Modbus protocol support.
  • Siemens S7 communications protocol support.


  • Profile page redesigned, a list of orders added.
  • Search tooltips redesigned.


  • Some minor improvements.

Netlas v.0.16.0

Published on 2022-05-18

The first app release was published on the 19th of May in 2021. A year ago. Today we publish a new "Birthday" release with many new outstanding features! A new data collection has been added, the set of supported protocols has been expanded, search examples and help pages have been redesigned and many more features. Details are listed below.


  • IP whois data collection with a dedicated search interface.
  • UDP protocol support.
  • AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) support.
  • MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport Protocol) support.
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) support.
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol) support.
  • SOCKS protocol support.
  • NetBIOS support.
  • Datastore now supports crypto payments.


  • search examples redesigned and followed with help articles.
  • HTTP mapping changed (favicon and on-page contacts are subfields of the http field now).
  • whois mapping is changed (the asn field is now a subfield of the whois field).


  • Some minor improvements.

Netlas v.0.14.0

Published on 2021-12-13

Did you know, operates more than 1,7 billion domain names? All types of DNS records are available. Improved datastore and new datasets come with the last update.


  • New datasets and dataset bundles.
  • Datasets purchasing is now available for unregistered users (except free datasets).
  • New indices with fresh scan results (responses, DNS, certificates indices).


  • The mapping component now consists of categories and has better scrolling.
  • Hide/show summary button.
  • Improved error messages.


  • Autofocus in search and mapping.
  • Some minor improvements.

Netlas v.0.13.0

Published on 2021-10-13 Datastore is here! Now you can download data in CSV and JSON. We have already prepared several datasets. Please, write us what datasets you want to see in Datastore.


  • Datastore.
  • Search hints.
  • Indicies page in the Help section.
  • Search by Tag tool in the Responses search.


  • When clicking on mapping fields, the search query is expanding, not replacing.
  • Reset API key button requires confirmation (pop-up window added).
  • Now you can copy API key with a button on the profile page.


  • Some minor UI improvements.

Netlas v.0.12.0

Published on 2021-09-03

Wow!!! Just take a look at these awesome charts and map we've added to the web app.


  • Statistics mode allows you to group search results (press chart button on the top of the search results page).
  • Beautiful fullscreen summary map in the responses view (press the full-screen button to see it).
  • PTR or domain name (if available) near IP address on the top of each response.
  • Domains tab in the responses view shows related to the IP-address domain names.
  • Contacts tab in the responses view shows contacts founded on the web page.
  • State and speed indicators in the index selection menu.
  • Now you can hide and show columns in the table view (press the gear button on the top of search results of domains and certs views).
  • 'source_type' and 'fields' parameters allowing to select fields to search.
  • Summary pane in the domains view.
  • Ability to specify return fields in host API endpoint.


  • Smart mapping filter on the mapping pane.
  • Autocomplete suggestions.
  • Changes in url scheme (from / to /responses/).
  • API endpoint host lost q param: /api/host/<ip or domain>/.
  • Empty request to API endpoint host returns client's IP info.


  • CVE marking bug.
  • Path-related links after renames.
  • Duplicates in downloads bug.
  • Search history ordering.
  • Field organization renamed to Issuer in certificates view.

Netlas v.0.11.0

Published on 2021-07-28

Not so much added this time. There was a lot of backend related tasks. Also we are about to release a first version of Netlas Stats – a tool for making charts based on Netlas data aggregations.


  • Index selection on Certificates search page.
  • Summary panel on Domain search page.
  • CNAME record on Domain search page.


  • API & SDK host method.


  • Summary panel on Responses search page available again.
  • Large file downloading error.
  • Escaping commas in csv download method.

Temporary unavailable:

  • Host page under redesign right now.

Netlas v.0.10.24

Published on 2021-06-10

We've just published a minor Netlas update. There are small improvements and bug fixes. There was also a critical incident when upgrading to a newer version of our DBMS. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the service interruption.


  • Links to Host view added to responses search results.
  • User can specify file name and choose fields when downloading search results.
  • Index selection added to Domains search view.


  • Host page redesigned.


  • 'No results found' message added for empty search query.
  • Recaptcha changed to Invisible reCAPTCHA v2.
  • A number of small UI bugs fixed.

Temporary unavailable:

  • Stats panel on the Responses search page (we are working on returning it back).

Netlas Alpha (v.0.10.9)

Published on 2021-05-19

We are proud to present alpha release!

Don’t judge strictly. We've only just begun. There are a lot of cool features to implement in the near future. But we already have data to share right now. So here are our first release notes.


  • Netlas account.
  • Signup through Google, Microsoft.

Responses search:

  • Search and filter responses using query language.
  • Search in the specific scan.
  • Search examples.
  • Search query autocomplete.
  • Download data in JSON format.
  • Search by image (favicon).
  • Description, response, certificate, whois and cve tabs in results.
  • The Statistics window.

DNS search:

  • Search and filter DNS records using query language.
  • A, NS, MX and TXT DNS records.
  • Search examples.
  • Search query autocomplete.
  • Download data in JSON format.

Certificates search:

  • Search and filter certificates using query language.
  • Search examples.
  • Search query autocomplete.
  • Download data in JSON format.

Host Page:

  • Get aggregated information about IP: geo, ports, protocols, tags, vulnerabilities, domains, referrers.
  • Get aggregated information about domain name: geo, referrals, ip, paths.

Help Page:

  • Welcome tour.
  • A brief description of the pages and their elements, as well as a small guide to use.
  • Query syntax.
  • Data collections.
  • Description of collections with examples of queries that can be immediately opened by clicking.
  • Scanners, scans and datasources.
  • API and SDK documentation.

Feedback Window:

  • Sending feedback with the ability to attach attachments.

Profile Page:

  • User information.
  • Change the api key.
  • Generate the QR code of the api key.
  • Refresh coins (temporarily).
  • Hint what Netlas Coin is.
  • Displays the current amount of Netlas Coins.
  • Displays how many Netlas Coins have been spent in total.
  • Information about the achievements.
  • Search history.

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