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Getting Started with Netlas

Welcome to the Netlas platform, which offers a variety of tools aimed at enhancing your internet security research and analysis. This guide will walk you through the initial steps to get started with Netlas, from account creation to exploring the platform's core features.

Creating an Account

–°reating an account is essential. Registering significantly increases the limits on data requests.

The registration process takes less than a minute. After registration, you will have the Community tier account. This is a forever-free plan. It has some limitations, but still allows you to use most of the Netlas features.

Third-Party Sign-In

Netlas supports authentication via third-party services like Windows Live and Google. Remember, accounts created this way are linked to the respective service and cannot be converted to a standard account with a separate password.

Sign up

Theme Customization

For a personalized experience, logged-in users can switch between light and dark themes from the Profile menu or the Mobile menu, adapting the interface to their comfort.

Understanding Your Account

Keep an eye on the indicators in the upper right corner. These indicators reflect the limits of your current subscription tier.

Netlas coins and requests counters Netlas coins and requests counters

Netlas coin is our internal unit of measurement. We use it to take into account the load on the platform. Every time you get a document from the Netlas database, it costs one Netlas coin.

Search Tools

Netlas provides a set of powerful Search Tools. Discover devices, explore data by IP or domain, and utilize filters for precise research. DNS registry search, WHOIS data search, and SSL certificates search are aslo available.

Try switching between the search tools using buttons on the vertical panel:

IP whois D whois

Each tool enables you to search through specific data collections. The IP/Domain Info tool provides a summary overview of data, aggregated from all pertinent collections.

Embark on your journey with the Welcome Tour, positioned in the bottom left corner.

Numerous search query examples are readily available for each tool, guiding you through practical applications. To initiate a search, simply click any example. If you want to return from the search results back to the examples page, just click on the icon of the search tool on the left panel.

Netlas search tools Netlas search tools

Netlas Search tools allows you to build complex search queries, download search results, perform facet analysis, and much more.

Featured search queries

Hundreds of search queries for the most popular products are published on the Netlas Dorks repo.

Netlas and feeds are also good sources of featured query examples.

Learn more about Search tools →.

Discovery Tool

Explore our premier Attack Surface Discovery tool under the Discover menu item. It's an invaluable resource for reconnaissance, incident investigations, and threat hunting.

Just start with the Add node button. Enter any domain name and click on the node to begin building the attack surface.

Netlas Attack Surface Discovery tool Netlas Attack Surface Discovery tool

The tool is designed to find connections between classes of internet entities. For example:

  1. If you start with a single domain, you can unveil the registrant company using WHOIS data.

  2. The identified company name becomes a conduit to uncover additional domains, registered for the same company.

  3. Each domain potentially serves as a pointer to a variety of network entities including, but not limited to, Mail Exchange (MX) servers, Internet Protocol (IP) ranges, Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs), and more.

To truly harness the extensive capabilities of the Attack Surface Discovery tool, unrestricted access to the entirety of Netlas data collections is imperative. The tool works best when it can use a lot of names and contact info.

Learn more about the Attack Surface Discovery tool →.

Datastore Access

Though there is no on-premise version of Netlas, datasets are available for download in various formats. Visit the Datastore to purchase and downloand datasets for internal use.

All datasets are available at no additional cost to Corporate and Enterprise-tier users. Learn more →

Upgrading Your Subscription

When you decide that the free plan is not enough for your needs and you want to use Netlas to its full potential, you may want to consider purchasing a paid subscription. Pricing plans vary in both data/tools availability and usage limits.

How to change pricing plan How to change pricing plan

If you pay for a subscription on the site with a credit card or cryptocurrency, it will be activated immediately after completing the transaction.

If you represent a business, you have the option to try out a DEMO subscription of the Netlas app for 2-4 weeks. This way, you can see firsthand how it can benefit your company.

Compare pricing Contact sales

What's Next

We hope this guide helps you get started on your journey with Netlas. You may want to continue with one of the following sections: