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Domain WHOIS Data Collection

This data collection contains parsed domain WHOIS data, which is designed to identify domain owner and registrar information such as contact information, registrar details, registration dates, and expiration dates.

Domain Whois Search Examples

Use the domain field to perform a unique search that returns a single result.

  • Search by full domain name:

  • Search by brand name:


  • Brand name zone search:

    domain:netlas.* level:[2 TO 3]

Information Fields Search Examples

  • Domains pointing on the same name servers


  • .COM domains, that will be deleted in 30 days or less

    status:redemptionPeriod zone:com

  • Domains registered in January 2022 with uncovered emails

    created_date:[2022-01-01 TO 2022-01-31]* AND NOT (\"http://\" OR \"https://\" OR *privacy* OR *GDPR* OR *whois* OR \"rdds service\"))

Search by Contact Info

One of the most effective ways to find domains managed by an organization is to filter by contact information. Fields abuse and are perfect for this.

  • Search by email address[email protected]

  • Search by email server*

  • By organization name

    registrant.organization:\"Meta Platforms\"

Attackers can register domains with similar spelling to mislead visitors. The examples below allow you to identify domains that may host phishing or other suspicious resources.


  • Domains look like (fuzzy search)

  • Level 2 domains with the word “microsoft” in the “io” zone:

    domain:*microsoft* AND zone:io AND level:2

  • Domains associated with somehow

    domain:** AND a:* AND NOT domain:(* OR AND level:2

Fuzzy queries with `~`` operator can be used to search similar spelling domains or different forms of words. You can specify the distance equal to 1 or 2 after the fuzzy operator. The default distance equals 2.