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Netlas Search Tools

In its core, Netlas is designed as a kind of technical atlas of the internet tailored for cybersecurity professionals. To stay up-to-date, the platform constantly collects and updates information from various data sources.

There are five main data collections that Netlas maintains:

  1. Responses: This collection consists of Internet crawling results. Netlas' non-intrusive scanners continuously scan accessible over the Internet hosts and store their responses.

  2. DNS Registry: Domain names, their corresponding IP addresses, as well as other types of DNS records are stored here.

  3. IP WHOIS: IP address ownership and management information, including IP address range, the name of the network provider, and contact information.

  4. Domain WHOIS: Domains ownership and registrar info, like contact information, registrar data, registration dates, and expiration dates.

  5. Certificates: A database of SSL certificates collected from various sources.

Netlas Search tools is a flexible and powerful interface to these data collections. Find these buttons on the vertical panel located on the left side under the Search menu item:

IP whois D whois

Each of them (except the first one) leads to a special search interface connected to one of described data collections. And the first one leads to IP/Domain Info tool, which is designed to obtain summary data for a specific host from several collections at once.